EDITORIAL BOARD: Rebeca Pardo, Montse Morcate y Gorka López de Munain

Edited in: Barcelona

The confluence of the research on the visual representation of pain and grief by Montse Morcate and Rebeca Pardo is the origin of an academic collaboration that has been developed in the last years at the University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona) in wich both teach photography.

Recently they created the project “Sharing pain and grief online: the self-referential digital image of illness and death as a means of destigmatization, connection, visibilization and co-presence” funded by a BBVA Foundation Grant for Research Teams in the Area of Digital Humanities.

The project which is interdisciplinary and international, counts with the participation of other researchers: M. Dolors Tapias, Ander Gondra Aguirre, Gorka López de Munain y Edgar Gómez Cruz, with contributions by other scholars, and focuses on the representation of illness and death, in the field of digital image and humanities.

This blog starts with the intention of sharing the results of this and other projects that may arise within the framework of the visual representation of pain and grief.